How Fiberglass Meets Unique Industrial Needs

Ryan Franklin
June 19, 2024

Fiberglass is revolutionizing the industrial equipment industry with its versatility, durability, and strength. Able to take on jobs where traditional materials like aluminum, wood, and steel fall short, fiberglass will continue to gain popularity and become a key player in this sector.

Here, we’ll explore how fiberglass meets demanding and complex industrial needs.

Unique Fiberglass Properties


Made from resin and fine glass fibers, fiberglass is a highly customizable composite material that makes it easily adaptable to suit various applications. From farm equipment and outhouse trailers to industrial lighting, electrical box covers, and wind energy, no job is too big or small for fiberglass.


Unlike other materials used in the industry world, like metal, fiberglass does not rust or corrode. That makes it an excellent choice for harsh environments, such as marine, chemical, or general outdoor areas exposed to harsh elements or corrosive substances.


For applications where weight plays a factor, such as transportation or aerospace, fiberglass is a preferred choice. That’s because it’s much more lightweight than its traditional counterparts. That finished product weight reduction can help improve efficiency and optimize performance.


Fiberglass has excellent insulation properties, making it ideal for thermal barriers, electrical enclosures, or other applications where insulation is a must. Plus, because fiberglass is so versatile, designing a custom solution for a particularly difficult or unique insulating need is easy.

Custom Solutions That Solve Industrial Challenges

From company to company, every industrial challenge is unique. So, too, must be the solution. As an industrial fiberglass product manufacturer, our Painted Rhino team takes a tailored approach to solve your needs, emphasizing collaboration.

Here’s a quick overview of how our production team can craft the fiberglass equipment that fulfills your industrial requirements.

  • Problem identification: The first step to solving a challenge is understanding it. Together, we’ll identify needs, key obstacles, and any constraints to develop specific solutions that help overcome them.
  • Design: Our experts will then create detailed plans and, in some cases, a prototype for your review.
  • Material selection: We’ll identify the specific type of fiberglass and the production process best suited for your project. Factors like chemical resistance, flexibility, and strength are all considered.
  • Manufacturing: Our craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art technology means a high-quality finished product. How we manufacture your fiberglass product, like chopper gun, vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding, or hand lay-up, depends on its application.
  • Finishing: Here’s where you can customize your fiberglass product, such as applying a surface treatment or adding color. Painted Rhino products aren’t just functional—they’re aesthetically pleasing, too!
  • Quality control: Stress testing, dimensional checks, visual inspections—you name it, we cover it, all to ensure you’re getting a finished product that meets your high standards.

Real-World Applications

Here are a few examples of the many products that can be created, upgraded, or updated with the help of fiberglass:

  • Containment tanks for chemical plants
  • Seats for forklifts
  • Shrouds for radiators
  • Equipment housing
  • Trash receptacles
  • Marine docks

Even a bus stop bench can be constructed from fiberglass!

Put Fiberglass to Work for You

With over 100 years of combined experience, our Painted Rhino team will craft custom industrial fiberglass solutions for your unique applications. We’ll learn about your needs and present you with all available options and timelines. Get a quote to get started!