Career Opportunities

Painted Rhino Inc. is a family owned and operated fiberglass job shop. We have been in business for 25 years and have employees that have been here just as long. If you are interested in joining the Painted Rhino team please contact us with your resume.

Job opportunities are currently available in the following departments:

Laminating Department

This department includes: open mold and closed mold technicians, chopper gun operators, Gel coaters, rollers, hand laminators, and mold repair specialist. Also if your good with your hands, committed and have the right attitude we will be willing to train. In this department you would be part of a team running production for the various clients we have.

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Tooling Department

This department includes: pattern makers, tooling technicians, mold makers, designers, and artist. In this department you would be required to think out of the box to help customers and production come up with more efficient ways of designing and producing their product. Also you would work closely with upper management and quality control to assure that the customer is getting exactly what they want when they want.

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Finishing Department

In this department you would most likely be in a production environment where you are finishing daily what production is making. This is a fast paced environment where bodywork skills, sanding, polishing, and buffing are needed. Again for the right like minded individual we can train. Employees from other industries such as: Auto body shops, cabinet makers, boat repair, RV repair, and automotive painters typically excel in this department.

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Trimming Department

This department requires precision and patience. One slip with a router or trimmer could ruin a expensive part. This environment is dirty yet rewarding. You give the product its final shape. Employees that excel in this department typically have hand tool experience along with carpentry experience. Individual may be required to read prints and drawings as well as use measuring devices. Reading tape measures, calipers, and scales will be a requirement in this department. Training is available for the right candidate.

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