VARTM: When You Need Durable, Large-Scale Composite Parts

February 23, 2022 / Painted Rhino
VARTM: When You Need Durable, Large-Scale Composite Parts

VARTM stands for vacuum assisted resin transfer molding. It’s a manufacturing technique used to create high-quality composite parts that are cost-effective and durable without being too heavy.

How the VARTM Method Works

To manufacture composite parts using the VARTM method, manufacturers use high-performance, e-glass fibers and low-viscosity resins. The technique also involves the use of a closed mold system that operates on low pressure. A vacuum is added at the exit vent of the molding tool. Sitting between the two molds is an e-glass fiber that helps with reinforcement. The mold is sealed by a vacuum bag and the fiber is compressed against the surface of the mold using external atmospheric pressure.

A vacuum bag replaces the top part of the mold tool and helps infuse the resin into the fiber layup. Low vacuum pressure removes air bubbles from the preform and strengthens the resin.

Industries That Use the VARTM Process

There are many different industries that rely on the VARTM process to create complex pieces. They include:

  • Medical
  • Wind energy
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Recreational
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine market

At Painted Rhino, we can create large composite parts using the VARTM method for practically any industry that requires it. Examples of parts we can make using this method include bridge beams, aircraft fuselage sections and landing gear doors, wind turbine blades, and boat hulls.

What Are the Processing Steps for VARTM?

Usually, the VARTM method involves three distinct steps. They are:

  • Step 1: Prepare the material. During this step, we place the fibers, preforms and reinforcing materials into a mold. We also degass blends components and mix resins. During this process, we use digital leak rate equipment to make sure the finished product is of the highest quality.
  • Step 2: Infuse the resin into the reinforcement. We use vacuum pressure to complete this complex process.
  • Step 3: Complete the post-infusion process. During this process, excess resin moves toward a vent as it bleeds into the vacuum trap. This process leads to improved fiber volume fraction and decreased thickness.

There are many reasons to choose the VARTM method for your manufacturing needs. It is cost-effective and reliably creates strong composite parts without adding excessive weight. The process is done without special equipment (such as an autoclave) and it’s associated with lower tooling costs. Additionally, the VARTM method is scalable and does not require you to make numerous small orders.

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If you want cost-effective high-quality components without the typical high cost associated with other manufacturing methods, consider ordering custom parts manufactured with the VARTM method. You can order pieces with both mechanical and dielectric strength and minimize your manufacturing costs.

Here at Painted Rhino, we have decades of experience offering innovative manufacturing solutions to our clients. As a result, we can meet a wide variety of manufacturing needs with precision and speed. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can use the VARTM method to create the parts you need.