Themed Product Manufacturing: How We Manufacture Themed Products

Painted Rhino
April 19, 2023

At Painted Rhino, we excel at themed products manufacturing for our clients. They bring your location to life and provide an immersive experience.

Our team has extensive experience in this area, so let’s take a closer look at our process and how we bring creative solutions to you.

Dream It Up

The first step in themed products manufacturing is to dream it up. Your biggest job is to decide what you want, and we will help bring it to life.

Our team is family-owned and focused on innovative and creative solutions. Bring us a design, and we will manufacture it. We can also create a prototype to see if the design works before going all-in.

The sky's the limit. We’ve made dozens of extravagant themed products over the years.

What We Make

Themed products are more than simple signs and displays. We have extensive industry experience and have made theming for a variety of locations, each with different, innovative and creative elements.

Here are a few themed products we’ve manufactured:

  • In-ride theming
  • FastPass kiosks
  • Static props
  • Themed point-of-purchase displays
  • Custom faux painting
  • Pop displays
  • Restaurant booths
  • Parade float facades
  • Photo ops
  • Models
  • Signage

Each offers a different display in a themed area.

From theme parks to displays in iconic hotels, themed products make a difference. We use many techniques to bring them to life.

Techniques We Use

We use several different techniques in our themed products manufacturing to ensure each item comes out sturdy and professional in appearance for the best display.

Our employees used concept design, engineering, composite, vacuum forming, and urethane plastic manufacturing to bring the products to life. These techniques allow a broad scope of options for interested companies across the country.

Once again, if you can dream it, we will work with you to bring it to life. Our innovation is key in extravagant themed products.

Companies We Have Worked With

Our team has worked with many top-notch industries over the years. We’ve provided themed products you may have seen across the country.

We’ve utilized themed products manufacturing for the following clients:

  • Disneyland
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • LAX
  • Cinema Secrets
  • Club Car
  • UC Riverside
  • Universal
  • Southern California Edison

We have extensive experience in the industry and a focus on innovative solutions and quality. Our goal is to bring you the best products possible.

Final Thoughts

Our team has experience manufacturing themed products for many companies, from Disneyland to Kennedy Space Center. Our team uses materials like fiberglass and extensive techniques to bring your dream to life, whether you’re looking for a faux background, FastPass kiosk, or in-ride theming. We’re here to bring your vision to life.

Here at Painted Rhino, we understand how critical it is to have quality-themed products. We seek to be innovative in our strategies, constantly improving and producing high-quality materials.

Contact us to learn more about our themed product manufacturing for your needs.