What Are the Different Types of Fiberglass?

February 8, 2022 / Painted Rhino
What Are the Different Types of Fiberglass?

Fiberglass was first introduced as a material used in airplanes and boats and has also gained popularity as a valued material frequently used in building construction, automobiles, bridges, and more. It’s a strong and lightweight material consisting of glass fibers that are flattened, woven, or arranged randomly. There are two main fiberglass types. The first is created by mixing glass fibers with resin. The second uses spun natural rock such as quartz to form glass wool. Both types are non-corrosive and resistant to mold, mildew, and salt spray, making them ideal materials for many applications.

Fiberglass Types by Form

Fiberglass is available in several forms to suit a variety of needs.

Fiberglass Tape

This tape is an excellent material to reinforce joints or seal seams. It is also good for heat insulation. Fiberglass tape is made of long, continuous fibers woven together to create various widths and lengths. It’s available in a variety of colors to match your project.

Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass cloth has similar uses as tape. It’s also great for heal sealing, and wrapping electric wires. Other uses include architectural glass and home construction. Fiberglass cloth is available in various colors and hardness.

Fiberglass Rope

Long fibers are woven into a tight and durable mesh form fiberglass rope. The rope contains UV protection to resist pealing and comes in several widths, lengths, and colors. Fiberglass rope is often used to support concrete and masonry projects.

Types of Fiberglass by Property

There are many various methods and materials to create fiberglass that have different properties and uses:

  • A Glass: A Glass uses fine, thin strands of glass fibers created with molten glass.
  • B Glass: This type is also called rock wool and is made from quartz, feldspar, and other natural rocks. B Glass fiber is less costly than A Glass fiber.
  • C Glass: A synthetic fiber made with alumina oxide and often used to strengthen plastic.
  • D Glass: Woven glass fibers that receive a resin coating and are baked to become durable and elastic.
  • E Glass: This type is the most common and is an effective heat insulator. E Glass fiber is made from spun molten glass.
  • ECR Glass: A synthetic form of fiberglass used mainly in windows and doors.
  • AE Glass: Another synthetic fiberglass, also used to create windows and doors.
  • S-Glass: A synthetic fiber that is stronger and even more effective heat insulator than E Glass.
  • R-Glass: This is used to create bulletproof glass.

The form and property you require in your fiberglass depends on the desired application for the product.

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