Fiberglass Décor: What You Should Look for in a Manufacturer

Painted Rhino
August 18, 2023

Fiberglass décor can be just what your business, art display, or park needs to look complete. Working with the right manufacturer will ensure you have the right fiberglass décor for your needs. Let’s break down what you should look for in a fiberglass manufacturer to ensure you get the right pieces and products.

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass, put simply, is fiber-reinforced plastic made from glass fibers. Also called glass-reinforced plastic, fiberglass can be considered a reinforced plastic product woven into the desired shape.

When manufactured correctly , fiberglass can be lightweight, flexible, and very strong, making it perfect for all types of art, aircraft, roofs, bathtubs, and decorations!

What is Fiberglass Manufacturing?

Fiberglass manufacturing, called “pultrusion,” is the process of creating fiberglass pieces or décor. Fiberglass is made similarly to glass; glass material is heated until it is molten, then forced into tiny holes to develop fiberglass filaments.

These thin filaments can then be woven or otherwise shaped into the desired texture and peace. Fiberglass manufacturers may specialize in different types of products, manufacturing methods, or fiberglass quality. Understanding these differences can help you choose the proper fiberglass manufacturer.

What to Look for in Fiberglass Manufacturing?

For a business or upcoming project, whether you need fiberglass décor, art pieces, themes, or even building elements like roofs, knowing what to look for in fiberglass manufacturing is important.

We recommend looking for the following:

  • A company that makes both fiberglass and other composite materials and products. This way, you know that the company has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry.
  • A company that uses vacuum forming and thermoforming techniques. These techniques enable greater creativity and sophistication in fiberglass products, helping your business or art show display get what’s needed for success.
  • A total concept design and engineering team. In this way, your fiberglass manufacturing partner can help you ideate the designs you need for your business or your decor theme. A company that can help you design and engineer the perfect pieces is also more likely to produce stellar products in the first place.
  • A company that offers mobile and in-house fiberglass repair. Even though fiberglass is quite durable, the best companies will be willing to fix the pieces they create by either coming to you or having you send the broken pieces into their shop. This provides additional peace of mind and overall value for money.

Fortunately, a company offers all of this and more: Painted Rhino. We work with various industries and have created fiberglass décor and pieces for many different needs, ranging from theme and amusement park decorations to movie studio decorations to marine vehicle pieces and more.

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