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What is rotacasting?

The word is a contraction of rotational casting. It's a process where cold, liquid casting materials (usually two-part catalytic materials) are poured into a hollow mould and rotated simultaneously in two opposing directions (bi-axial casting) to create a hollow cast. Casts can be left hollow, cut open to create "shells", or back-filled to create a solid form.

A rotacaster is a machine that enables this process to be achieved without the time, skill and manual hard graft that is known as slush moulding or slush casting.

Rotacasting, also known as rotocasting, is a flexible day-to-day technology for a wide range of industries.

Rotacasting is not the same as rotomoulding! Rotomoulding uses pelletised plastics, melted in heated moulds. Doing away with the need for heat makes rotacasting highly cost-effective and opens up you're casting creativity to a whole new world of material choices.

From statues to displays to hollow parts. What is your design? We can help! 

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