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About our firm.

Painted Rhino was founded in 1997 as a fiberglass job shop. A niche was seen. A company that could supply customers multiple manufacturing needs and not just the fiberglass side. A manufacturer was needed that could take a product from conception to completion and produce it in volume. Today Painted Rhino is still family owned. Being family owned is the core of Painted Rhino. We want our employees to be treated like family, as well as our customers. Our CEO says he loves it this way. "If an issue comes up that he didn't have time to solve during the day he can solve it with family and the dinner table. It allows the upper management to have a vested interest in the company. Who better looks out for your interest than family." Today Painted Rhino is one of the leading fiberglass manufactures in California, but thats' not all. We also offer, vacuum forming, injection urethane, RTM composites, and metal work. We here at Painted rhino believe that our success is directly corrolated to our faith, how we respect our employees, and how we love our customers. 

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